Understanding Performance KPIs for Professional Writers

Performance KPIs
Evaluation and monitoring play a vital role in analyzing the performance of any person. To get optimal performance, you need to ensure the check and balance of an employee in every field. Hence, professional writers can also be held accountable through their key performance indicators (KPIs). They are essential to get the optimal performance of professional writers. Furthermore, they also make sure that you achieve the planned yardsticks and goals of your company. These KPIs can be on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

You can assess the direction of your company with the help of KPIs. These assessments can help you in realigning your business strategies. In this era of technology, it is much easier and quicker to determine the performance of any employee. Consequently, you can incentivize and penalize them based on their respective KPIs. Therefore you must be aware of KPIs for professional writers to assess their efficiency and effectiveness. According to experts of dissertation writing services, the following are some of the key KPIs for professional writers that an employer and writer must understand:

Word Count:

First and foremost, you have to ensure that a writer meets the word count's daily, monthly or yearly target. The word count is very critical in terms of content production. It shows the efficiency of the professional writer. Therefore, you have to allocate a specific word limit to each writer. However, you have to ensure that it must be an achievable and reasonable word limit. On the other side, you have to keep in mind that writers are also humans, not bots.

So it is imperative that while making KPIs, you consider the limitations and constraints. For instance, if a professional writer is asked to write 2000 words daily, you also need to understand that sometimes the topic can be complicated and time-consuming. It may need some more time to study and research so that a writer could produce quality content. You also have to keep in mind some other performance indicators like quality and creativity are also required. In short, it must be an achievable and realistic KPI for monitoring the performance of a professional writer.

Quality Of The Content:

Quality is one of the multifaceted performance KPIs that has several dimensions and measures. The following are some of the critical tenets of the quality KPI:

The Number Of Errors:

It includes the number of grammatical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes in the content of any professional writer. It is true that to err is the human, but it also determines the quality of the content. Therefore, you can keep a record of the number of errors in each assignment of writers. The lesser number of mistakes ensures quality-rich content. Hence, you must include the number of errors in performance KPIs for professional writers.

Automated Grading By Tools:

Assessing the quality is always a challenging task, especially in the writing profession. However, you can utilize sophisticated technology to gauge the quality of any professional content writer. You can use automated tools like Grammarly and The Hemingway App to generate the assessment report of content as a part of performance KPIs. Consequently, you can measure the professional writer's readability level, correctness, engagement, and delivery.

Longevity Of The Content:

It is a known fact that writing is a highly competitive pitch, and it is a little bit difficult to stay in the game and relevant for a long time. However, if a writer makes his/her content live for a more extended period, it is another indicator of high-quality content. In addition, it is the ultimate manifestation of the writer’s talent. However, it is also challenging to restrict it to a real-time KPI. Nevertheless, you can measure it in a number of years in the long-run to measure it. Hence, the longevity of the content can also be made part of performance KPIs.

Authority And Search Engine Rankings:

It is another one of the strong indicators of performance KPIs. If any content writer's content has a good search engine ranking, it means the writer is hitting the right strings. In addition, if some credible and reputable sources mention the content, that indicates the authority of the content. For instance, if authors and blogs are being cited or ranking on top pages of the search engine, it shows the quality of the content. Therefore, you must also account for authority and search engine ranking in performance KPIs.

The Tone Of The Content:

You can measure the tone and tenor of the content. You can check if it meets the requirement of the style or the tone is gearing to the audience. For instance, has the writer used the relevant vocabulary and tone required for persuasive content? In addition, you can check whether the tone is conversational for blogs and erudite for a research paper.

The Uniqueness Of The Content:

One of the major performance KPIs of the professional content writer is the uniqueness of the content. The professional writer can be evaluated based on the originality of the content. For this purpose, you can use certain tools available on the internet. The plagiarism-free and unique content is regarded as highly qualitative content. Therefore, you must measure the originality of the content to evaluate the performance of the writer.


Feedback Of The Audience:

One of the most under-estimated and under-rated indicators of performance KPIs is the feedback of the audience. However, it is one of the most vital indicators of the performance of a writer. You can check the rating. Endorsements and testimonials from clients, readers, and users can evaluate the effectiveness of professional writers. However, it also needs to be remembered that these can be highly politically and ethnically motivated. Moreover, these can also be fake or paid feedbacks

In A Nutshell:

It is imperative to assess the performance of the professional writer to get the intended goals of your business. You must be having a thorough understanding of the performance KPIs mentioned above to incentivize or penalize your professional content writer. However, it would be best to consider all the human factors and limitations influencing the writer's performance. These performance KPIs can astronomically increase the productivity of your company. On the other hand, these indicators play a vital role in developing and grooming the professional writer. Hence, they must be utilized.

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