Top Tips That Can Help Students to Be a Leader in Class

Be a Leader in Class
Every student wants to be a leader to have control and influence over the rest of his class fellows. Not only in school leadership qualities and practices are also required at other stages of life, like in college, university, job, projects etc. Some people are born with qualities of a leader and others learn to be a successful leader. The bitter truth is that our schools don’t teach leadership skills from a young age and leadership skills are not an essential part of school life. Through this article we will discuss how students can become a good leader and how leaders become effective leaders.

First of all we need to know what leadership is and who is a leader? As told by a PhD dissertation writing service, leadership is the skill of encouraging, motivating, inspiring, leading and influencing people or groups for a specific purpose or goal and a person who possesses these skills is known as a leader. A good student leader must have a set of certain characteristics; he should be a goal oriented person, must be hardworking, responsible, optimistic and honest, should be an active listener and possess excellent communication and decision making skills. Now we will discuss how to acquire and improve these skills.

To be a successful leader first of all you must know in what direction you have to move for this you must have some goals which help to set a direction. These goals should be realistic and achievable. Keep a proper record of all goals achieved, missed or pending. Always set a deadline for each task and meetings. You can also set reward and punishment for a strict compliance. Always try to polish and enhance your skills by learning new things. Try to be a smart and active learner. Effective and smart listening does not include verbal communication only. It also involves non-verbal actions like eye contact, gestures and body language .This will help you to have new ideas and suggestions as well as feedback.

Be a volunteer and take initiatives. Try to participate in social works like fundraising and annual events etc. Participate in college and university projects and try to lead them. The most important quality of a leader is being able to inspire and motivate others. So you must offer support and assistance to your group members when required and be there to listen to them when needed. A good leader is a one who is open minded, always approachable, and social. Your self-interest must come after your group or team interest. You must have the abilities of situational awareness and reactiveness to see the bigger picture and antedate problems before their occurrence and have time to plan to deal with these problems.

It is quite difficult for a student to learn and develop leadership skills on his own. The role of schools, colleges, universities and teachers in this regard can’t be neglected. In fact they also play a vital role in learning and developing leadership skills. Teachers must involve students in leadership activities. Classroom activities and learning content should be planned in such a way that they must offer maximum opportunities for learning and practicing leadership skills. A student teacher discussion is considered as a key solution to all problems.

Teachers should talk to students about their behavior and how to organize it. A good way to encourage students is by providing them real life examples. Discuss with them what leadership is, what characteristics differentiate a good leader from a bad leader. You can also use case studies as assignments and later discuss them in class. You can also appreciate students to bring the exemplary leadership qualities of leaders from their favorite field of interest. You can also explain the value of leadership by simulations. Allow them to lead and ignite extracurricular and social activities. Give them freedom and space.

Let them think independently. If they remain dependent on teachers for direction they can never become a leader. When they take initiatives and make decisions independently they will be able to think and act like a leader. Social skills also help to build leadership skills. Social skills like sharing and managing conflicts encourage students in taking initiatives for solving problems and decision making. For being an effective and successful leadership it is important to learn, practice and improve leadership skills. But one thing should be kept in mind that these skills can’t be learned overnight. They required proper timing and practice.

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