Should Women Be Allowed Into Extreme Sports?

Extreme Sports
Extreme sports are also known as action sports or adventure sports. The sports in which there is a high degree of risk are known as extreme sports. In order to play these kinds of sports, there requires a high level of speed, height and gear. These extreme sports were promoted by the Extreme Sports Channels and companies after 1990. Some of the extreme games are promoted by the X Game makers. Some essential extreme sports are extreme skiing, ice climbing, mixed martial arts, speed riding and wind suffering. The women should not be allowed into extreme sports. Here, experts of coursework writing services will discuss why women should not be allowed into extreme sports.

Risk of injury: Due to the adrenaline rush of extreme sports, these are considered risky for the women. No doubt, due to the advancements in the field of science and technology, lots of safety tools are available. If we take an overview of the nature of the activities of extreme games, we come to know that there is still a risk of severe injuries while playing these extreme sports. According to the report of the United States Parachuting Association, every year, more than 20 people die only from skydiving and most of them are women.

Cost of equipment: In order to play extreme sports, there require some essential equipment and this equipment are very costly. Moreover, every year, new models of this equipment are also available in the market. It is necessary for extreme sports players to update their equipment. Mostly, women are not able to buy such costly equipment. Moreover, after buying this costly equipment, they still have a chance of getting some injuries. Therefore, women should not take part in extreme sports. Moreover, for the women, there require several months to make a plan for these extreme sports. Therefore, we can also say that these games are time-consuming for women.

Dangerous: No one can provide a guarantee that after indulging in any kind of extreme sport, you can complete it without any harm. Moreover, in most extreme sports, the experts can’t even provide the guarantee of the life of a person. As the women are soberer than men, therefore, the women should not take part in these extreme games.

Harmful impacts on women health: The women can also face some harmful impacts of these extreme sports. These harmful impacts are explained below;
  • The women can get this kind of injury which can tear their skin
  • The women can get some brain injuries like acquired brain, coup and frontal lobe injuries
  • The women can also face some nerve injuries. Some essential nerve injuries are spinal cord and auxiliary injuries
  • The women can also face some soft tissue injuries like damaging of cells or damaging of DNA
  • These extreme sports can also become a cause of head injuries for the women

Due to these injuries, it is difficult for a woman to face the world. To sum up, we can say that there is no need to allow women to take part in extreme sports.

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