Common mistakes to avoid while completing a nursing dissertation

Almost every student who is writing research for the first time encounters some mistakes and it becomes difficult to cope with these errors without any help of a profession. These mistakes are tended to be increase as the field of study is difficult like different fields of medical sciences. Same is the case with nursing students who are writing their dissertation. There are some common mistakes identified by researchers that encounter in clinical and nursing research that must to avoid while writing a dissertation. These common mistakes are discussed below;
1. Failure to CarefullyStudyand Review Similar or Prior Literature

In nursing research after systematically categorization and accumulation of related past literature, researchers need to examine this literature to identify the areas of improvement in last one decade. This examination is missing in many nursing researches that lead to many other problems during research process. An individual’ skill of critical analysis can prevent him/her to encounter this mistake.

2. Failure to Successfully Specify The Criteria of Inclusion and Exclusion for The Subjects

Many researchers fail to specify the subject of their research with inclusion and exclusion criteria. It is important as these criteria help future researchers to find that why the results of their studies differ from the study they are examining. So after including these criteria of inclusion and exclusion research needs to follow these criteria for the chosen study subject.

3. Failure to Identify and Report Mistakes and Error of Measurement Techniques

There are a few researches actually reports mistakes or clarifies in a single statement that their study is calibrated. So rarely they specify the techniques for re-assessment frequency and standard performance that enables research to answer the question ‘what are the errors and mistakes of current research measurement techniques?’ In this regards, a few research refers to past studies to answer the question but that is not accurate as a researcher needs to states what measurement method he/she has used while conducting their research.

4. Unsuccessful Specification Statistical Assumption Those are Actually Used in Analysis

Almost a decade ago a researchers study the mistakes occur in nursing research and identified that there are almost 47 statistical mistakes. So these researchers recommended consulting a statistical specialist at the start of research process to prevent your study from these mistakes.

5. Unsuccessful sample size analysis prior the study process

There are some clinical and nursing researchers who state that there are two methods equivalent that means they have chosen a few subjects. This is a mistake that can be avoided by conducting sample size analysis before the beginning of research process because it is very important to the number of subjects those are required to achieve the level of power that is minimum desired.

6. Failure to Stick and Write within Detailed Timeline

This problem occurs with the new researchers as they do not have any prior research experience so fail to estimate an actual timeline that is required to complete their task. Timeline is important for any task but a student has already given a time line by the supervisor or advisor so he/she must set deadline for activities within the given time period of institution to complete their research tasks.

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